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Hi, fellows,
It's nice to join you. My name is Egor and I work mostly in networking and telecommunication sphere. You know that IPv4/v6, IGMP, MLD... and other L2-L7 stuff.
I have some experience in C++, MCU/FPGA firmwares development, even in ActionScript 2.0, and at work I address python, Java, and React/Redux + TypeScript tasks.

On my spare time I enjoy development of Rust (Facepunch Rust) plugins, and maintainig PVE server with my wife.

Oh and some time ago I was playing with ANNs, until reached Q-learning.

I look at the comments and see friendly nice people, and I'm very excited to gain new experience with help this community, and I hope I'll be able to share something useful with you.
If you see anything wrong in my English, please, don't hesitate to inform me about my mistakes.

Thanks a lot for your time,
Take care :)


Welcome, Egor! Your English is superb. We're glad you're here!

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