Tools you need to use in your react components development 

Elazizi Youssouf on March 03, 2018

As a react developer, I believe that everyone who is working on a react project must develop all the components separately for taking advantage... [Read Full]
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My team uses Styleguidist at the moment. It’s working out pretty well although demoing certain components doesn’t always work well with the way the demo screens at built with their default css. The live code editor is really cool and auto-documentation of props is very nice (JsDoc support as well)


Yes,it look like all those tools have some kind of limitations specifically on css position and dragging behavior


Do these tools fall into any broad categories? As in, it doesn't seem like a team would use all of these right? I'm wondering what would be the minimum that I can deploy to my team with the lowest friction...


Thanks for sharing, I think MDX and some new mdx tools are really interesting in that field.

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