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1) My old Dell Inspiron 1525, bought back in 2008 and still working. It is the hardware that saves me when the other fail

2) A Lenovo whose model I don't remember, and that whas a really good looking laptop. Unfortunately, something got broken and it only works when it is plugged. So It is not very useful

3) A Compaq Presario. I bought it when the # 2 broke and it served two good years despite it was a little weird... Bought it as new but Compaq Brand was discontinued...

4) A Dell Vostro, good piece of hardware, this is my current work machine

5) A Lenovo 120s, with Lubuntu. This is my baby, I use it everyday because this is my main gate to experiment with Linux

6) A Compaq Mini. This was an old netbook, last year I updated the hardware with more RAM and an SSD and then installed Lubuntu there. This was my first experience with Lubuntu and since I liked, I bought the # 5

7) A CPU that works as my bussiness server. There is the billing software I use it on RDP

8) A CPU that works as a testing computer for my team. I use it on RDP

9) An old tablet plugged to my old TV in order to simulate a smart TV

10) A Sony tablet. It was a gift from my mother. It's a very good device but I hardly use it

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