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Parents bought a computer when I was a kid, and ... well, people copied that floppy and I found out about programming in GW Basic. Forward a few years, parents bought a new computer, and ... well, people copied that CD-Rom and I found out about programming in Borland Delphi (1.0). From that point I really started to get into programming. Eventually I went to the university to get my MSc in Computer Science.

So... self-taught, no bootcamps (as they did not exist), and yes I've got a degree.

I think self-taught is an important ingredient for being a good dev. You start with a bootcamp, or formal education. But after that you need to continue your own education. I think starting a higher level formal CS education is a good thing, completing and getting the degree is less relevant. It's the things you learn, and how you learn them. It's not about the practical education, but the principles behind it all which matters.

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