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Discussion on: Best JS framework for beginners (again 😅)

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Carlos Araya • Edited

None of them are going to be easier if you don't master the basics. Working with a framework is more than just coding. You have to learn how to style the components and what HTML they will produce.

If you must go with a framework, try them, and don't assume one is harder because of how it looks. Build a sample project in all three (something simple like a TODO list or a calendar) and base your final decision on actual results and not opinions or what seems to be, you will learn the hard way that what seems to be easy isn't always so

Both React and Vue have frameworks that sit on top of it (Nuxt for Vue and Next for React) that may make the experience easier. Angular doesn't need a framework because it has everything it needs to build apps baked in... for some this may be a good thing, for some it may not be.,

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Nikhil M Warrier Author

Really sound advice....
Thanks a lot.....