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Discussion on: Do you own a domain name without a purpose? Let me give you a project for it!

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embed • Edited on

I have tons of domains I do not use, some I shouldn't use to be honest. (was my screenshot site and probably will make it my screenshot site again)

I've bought all of these as jokes and have never used them for anything. maybe I can do something fun with them

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Ribhararnus Pracutian

catgirl design is suitable for NFT project.

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GrahamTheDev Author • Edited on

Well as most of these are NSFW I think I will have to be creative here and fly close to the line a bit!

  • - A very out there brand of clothing (probably ideal for e-thots!) that has the slogan "nice pussy" and the logo of a cat-girl. (I know this isn't a catgirl but money is money!)
  • - tips and tricks for people who identify as femboys to improve their femininity and a community forum!
  • - an online market where farmers can advertise their prized roosters and offer them out for impregnating hens - similar to bull breeding!
  • - a serious channel where people can ask the questions they want to ask but are afraid people would think are rascist. "Do black people...", "are white people...". Then panel members can give a real education on what is stereotyping and what is true etc. A moderators nightmare and probably not suitable for any Social Media ToC, but could be an awesome resource to get past the "you can't ask that" fear people have that stops them understanding each other!

Unfortunately I think any other ideas would not be suitable for DEV! 🤣 With that being said I imagine you could build a nice interconnected community with some of these domains.

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Fiana Fortressia should just be a forum for Astolfo cosplayers, rofl. 🤣

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thank you! do really like the, and ideas, maybe when I eventually have the bandwidth, time, and money to host them I will try some out!