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Discussion on: OOP Overkill

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I would like you to Google a book titled Head First Design Patterns and read the first chapter on singleton pattern. You can probably find it on Amazon and read it in the preview. You're definitely missing the point of design patterns and principles if you don't understand why some developers write endless and meaningless single file classes that do less than one thing. What are your thoughts on test driven development if I may ask?

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I agree...I have seem overkill use of OOP, specially when people over abstract or do dynamically things that should be static, but everytime I read people questioning OOP (and not doing functional programming) I cringe and hope to never come near their code. How do they TDD? They can't...
I would rather "navigate" through 400 classes 30 lines each then through 10 classes 400 lines each. And I'm being nice when I say 400 lines...I've seem true Megazord classes, with rocket lunchers and everything.

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I am so using the term "Megazord classes with rocket launchers" from now on.