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Discussion on: How I lost 1 year of life doing failed crypto startup

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Emmanuel N Kyeyune

One of the beautiful things about software development is that there's no such thing as lost time. All those hours you poured into trying to create something you believed in will pay off in other ways later in your career. Life is constant learning and our perceived failures are really just lessons. You are now 20x the dev before you started because you dared try what very few would risk doing. That actually makes you quite special and most employers/founders/VCs would recognize the drive you have as very valuable.

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Przemysław Thomann Author

Thanks for goods words. I agree with you however I think it's normal to reflect things anyway no matter how they were. What you say is probably quite true if past actions align with your current&future plans. There are some things I regret: lost evenings & nights, lost holidays (now I'm married and have a child), a lot of sleepless nights. However I'm still in software space so as you said - it all work for my future. It would hurt more if I would play with things completely separated from I want like and what to do. But... it's worth to mention that from the beginning I had it mind. I knew that if "business" idea will fail - it will be my portfolio anyway. I try to do similar with all the things I do.