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Discussion on: Do you need to be good at maths to be a software developer?

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ender minyard • Edited

Linear Algebra and computation are intertwined. Programmers should understand this field of math imo, not even just high school math.

If you had to take a high school maths class again, right now, and for an undisclosed amount of time, would you hate it? If the answer is “maybe” or “no”, in my opinion, software development probably (note: probably) isn’t for you.

Did you mean “maybe” or “yes”? This contradicts the rest of your post.

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Stephanie 🌞 Author

I certainly did, thanks for pointing that out!

I think it's interesting that you say "programmers" and not "developers" - when I think of a programmer, I think of someone someone who is writing things like operating systems or that sort of more computer science-y thing. When I think of a developer, I think of someone developing software such as an app or website, which is what I was getting at here. That could be a whole blog post in itself, maybe I should do that, and maybe I should edit this post to add a little disclaimer about that somewhere.

So, I guess it depends what you're trying to create, but that being said, you can always learn. If you keep needing to know more maths-based stuff and you remember enjoying it at school, even if it was difficult, then you're probably going into the right field. :)