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re: Which programming language/environment is more “powerful” than people realize? VIEW POST



While people on this platform definitely use python properly, (the people on) Reddit defines it as pseudocode. I shouldn't take Reddit seriously, but python definitely is more powerful than just 'pseudocode'. Meaning that a language is easy to pickup does not mean it is not powerful.

Oh, and the 'import feature' meme is true, but isn't that it for any language?

Sorry, I'm really triggered by reddit


Do you know Reddit is built on Python I mean its backend is completely in Django and pure Python.


Beside the point. Though I should mention the people on Reddit, Reddit itself does not define Python :P

Yeah they get so much edgy & harsh, they really need strict moderation sometimes. And the thing they do is they always harmful to others


This comment really sums up Reddit on many levels. Python is one of the most important languages of all time and is remarkably powerful.


I've found some subreddits I enjoy (really depends on the moderators), but the comments on r/Python are not the best.


I honestly feel this and it makes me super upset knowing that I used to downplay Python until I really started using it only to realize:

"oh WOW this is an awesome language. I can do that???"


I remember when people (usually Java/.NET programmers) used to tell me that Python was "just a scripting language" :D


Maybe it was meant as a compliment, in the sense that everyone can understand pseudocode, which reduces mental friction.

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