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Discussion on: Fullstack developer is a scam term

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Md. Abu Taher 👨‍💻 Author • Edited on

@mudasobwa and @leob , Absolutely valid points.

I don't have anything against frontend, backend, full stack or programming itself. I enjoy programming and solving problems. I probably should've said server-side and client-side to make it more credible.

My main point is, companies (or clients) uses these terms to fool all parties. They are treating the developers as slaves and tricking however they can. That's all.

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Yes, I understand and appreciate your points!

In fact this is really a good analysis, and I've never looked at it this way. I just saw "full stack" as a trendy, over-hyped, over-used and rather annoying "cliche" term which is nowadays being tacked onto everything ... everybody and their brother is calling themselves a "full stack dev".

I never realized that it's being used by companies or employers to take advantage of employees, but I get your point.

(in the same vein, I also notice the annoying over-use of the term "lightweight" that's being slapped onto every new framework or tool, no matter how light or heavy it really is ...)