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Discussion on: Fullstack developer is a scam term

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Md. Abu Taher ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ป Author

Thank you for your in depth reply. Really appreciate it.

My post of course requires more research, my points are almost invalid in front of such strong replies.

That being said, Full stack developers exist for sure, I myself a proof of that and I am proud of being one, however, I worry for those who know more, do more, but being paid absolutely less than others just for being generalist. As if they are expected to do more.

The overall value is getting lower in many cases, the quality is dropping. Later it will affect on other web dev positions and then all web development sector is gonna fall for that. The internet will show us in meantime. The shady faces of slavery management companies.

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Adrian B.G. • Edited on

All that is true, but our jobs "exists" to solve business problems so it comes down to money

If the company wants 1 developer instead of 2 they will get mostly:

  • lower costs (let's say 40-50% smaller salary)
  • lower quality (around about 30-60%, depends a lot on the developer expertise) then they form a market that will be filled by workers that needs a job.

As for the quality you can see it best in the security field, almost no business owner cares about it until something happen, and then they forget after a few months, and I keep saying we reached a state in that a good "ML bot written by hackers scientists" can easily hack into 50% of the current running websites.

I think the word "slavery" doesn't fit in our line of work that is described by:

  • staying at a computer all day
  • having all kind of perks
  • not having to even apply to jobs because we are assaulted by offers and HR hunters
  • 9-17 job
  • job security (I haven't heard of a fired developer)
  • high salaries

Most of the industries only dreams at such a job, be respectful and appreciate what you have.

I for one am ashamed to disclose my salary (and I am not a top earner in my peers) to people that are not in our industry, they often have 2 jobs and only get half of my salary. Sure I "work" too but the really work with physical related jobs. Even the fact that we have the time to chat on this website is a proof that we have:

  • free time ( so we don't over work)
  • care about higher more abstract concepts
  • so we solved our basic primary needs like food, electricity and so on
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Md. Abu Taher ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ป Author

These are really common now a days. The seniors can take care of it, and don't see the bad side, the juniors learn the hard way.

I must also mention that everyone will have a different perspective. For some it is a heavenly job, for some it's a nightmare.

Looking down on workers

Few days ago I was in a call with some client meetup. All of their talk was like honey, the budget seemed really healthy, their attitude was respectable. Except they seemed to look down on many things that a developer cares about.

They said things like Well, the error logs doesn't matter much, And then continued recently it stops working frequently and we don't know the exact reason.

From the look of the code, it seemed they did not pay the previous developer that much, was giving really tight schedule and the developer ended up with very poor code, no unit tests and then left the project because he couldn't take it anymore.

Outsourced works

Most outsourced web development works are done for very low rate, thus the quality also decreases thousandfold. The web is polluted with such low quality stuff where everyone is just trying to trick each other.

Client X has $100k budget for app, his project manager starts outsourcing it for $10k to a different team, keeps the rest of money, the team then starts paying the developer $1k. It is indeed a field where some shines, and some gets scammed.

I like how those developers don't get the benefit the other developers are having being on the good developed country.

This is altogether a different issue, but is related to the full stack since the overall web is build by the developers hard work.