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re: Hi everyone! My name is Ru and I used to be a psychologist. Half a year ago I have decided to learn web development and now I'm here)) I live in Ru...

So what is your goal for learning web development? Like what motivated you to move away from being a psychologist? Or, are you learning so you can do something for your psychologist works? :)


Hi!) I worked with children for two years as a psychologist and now my main goal is to figure out how exactly I can teach them programming languages using funny games. That why I'm learning now)))

To be honest, that is one of the greatest goals. I really appreciate how you want to shape the future of many people. :)

What has been your struggle so far with your goal?

Well, the struggle is pretty hard for me =) It's unusual to start thinking differently
Now I have learned about html/css and learning JS. Writing easy functions and websites and I like it a lot!

If you want to learn better, maybe join FreeCodeCamp?
If you want to teach kids, maybe check how others are doing at tynker.com and similar sites.

Hope you have a great journey ahead.

Thank you soooooo much! Youa're very kind person1

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