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How to use MacOS's Touch ID on Terminal

I know... use a fingerprint scanner and never come back. No need to write passwords, pins or patterns. But on the terminal when we use the magic word sudo ask for your password... yuck!!!


Don't worry. It can be solved easily. Edit this file /etc/pam.d/sudo with your favorite editor. Mine is the VS Code because can deal with admin permission. Run this command on a terminal.

code /etc/pam.d/sudo
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Add the following line on top

auth sufficient
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Easy Peasy Japanesey


On default terminal works like a charm, but on iTerm2 need an extra configuration. Go to Prefs -> Advanced -> Allow sessions to survive logging out and back in and set value to no.

Easy Peasy Japanesey

Restart and enjoy it.

That's All Folks!
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Ben Halpern

Really slick UX here

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Gabriel Basilio Brito

Works like a charm

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Miguel Tineo

Just perfect! đź‘Ź

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Andrés Reyes Galgani

Gracias amigo y ¡¡Viva Colombia!!

Saludos desde Chile 🇨🇱

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Camilo Martinez Author

Con gusto Andrés!

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Moataz Elmasry

Many thanks. Works great!!!

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Brett Stevenson

This is great! Just what I was looking for!

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Bless your soul

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Sethu Senthil

Is there a way to make this work on the VS Code integrated terminal?