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Hello World!

Hi! This is the first post of my weekly series.

More about me

I was first introduced to programming in 2013, after deciding to found my own tech review site and complementary Android application. Subsequently, I have continued to broaden my technical skillset and knowledge of the highly dynamic sector. Being an avid problem solver and logical thinker, I savour the more binary and structured approach to solving issues that programming forces one to adopt. Other than programming and technology, I also enjoy learning about finance, astronomy and psychology, and my hobbies include cooking, listening to music and keeping up to date with all my favourite TV shows.

I recently attained a 2:1 in Economics BSc from City, University of London and am currently training as a Full Stack Developer with futureproof. My degree has given me vast exposure to advanced mathematical concepts and complex problem solving – attributes that have proved vital during my futureproof course. I have always possessed a growing zeal for IT and technology. With the emergence of new and upcoming disruptive technologies, it is a particularly exciting time to be a tech enthusiast. This passion led me to apply for the futureproof course and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning to use new software and programming languages. My experiences working at Tata Consultancy Services and Willis Towers Watson over the last couple of years also introduced me to the basics of cloud computing and cyber security, through both completing research projects and presenting to various stakeholders.

Stay tuned for next week! It will a little more technical :)

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