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Peace and Respect
My name is Israa Gargar
I am from Sudan. πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡©
I have just started a software development career
I have a strong background about Agile especially in the scrum
But our market here doesn't value good management skillsπŸ™
I have been watching people coding for a while... Therefore because of, I am a knowledge πŸ“– seeker with πŸ’ͺ passionate about coding and logic
I decided to start a programming career
Now I am learning react as my target is to go mobile with react native.
So here I am among you holding my golden dream ✨

I miss The Arabic language in the above Pic 😩


Hello Israa. Welcome to I think it's awesome how you refer to your journey learning technology as your Golden Dream. Very inspirational.

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