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PHP like JS is popular. No question about the fact that you can do great things in PHP and that great things have been done with it.
I appreciate all bootstrapping courses that teach programming.

That being said, your post does not demonstrate anything.

Saying “But when written properly, following methodologies such as DRY, SOLID and MVC” is not a valid point. Simply because :

  • those patterns have no formal methods of verification.
  • You also can’t test that those patterns are respected in your app.
  • You can write “proper” assembly code to run on the server. The fact that it’s “proper” does not matter because you have to understand your assembly, processors ... in order to maitain the codebase and do evolution on it. I’ll take bad PHP code to maintain over “proper” assembly code anyday, simply for the fact that you can maintain it by knowing less that you would otherwise (whithout taking into account, more technical issues). My point Is that writting something “properly” helps you to maintain and evolve it over time, but it will never solve fundamentals issues of your language (or stack), for all its qualities PHP requires to know its quirks and there are legion.

PHP is fast fo pick up, has a model that fits fine with the HTTP protocols ( stateless request / response), can be run everywhere, have great frameworks and a great community. I think that to begin with PHP is not a bad choice, especially if you aim at being operational fast.

However PHP7 does not fix PHP, it helps but it does nor fix it. Yes it is broken :
In the space of distributed application, PHP lacks maturity compared to Java (jvm rocks) by example, in the space of concurrency and parallism, there are also better choice.

In short, yes PHP is not dead.
Statistics don’t say that it’s a good, just that it’s there.
Yes every languages have flaws but very few have flaws like PHP (where is PHP 6??) which are important to know.

It does matter for those who plan to work in challenging environments in the futur.

(Edits some mistakes)

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