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Discussion on: Writing a Simple Programming Language from Scratch - Part 1

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Evan Typanski Author

Awesome, I really appreciate the reply! I'm still learning and love having the opportunity to move forward, so I really appreciate the references. Being part 1 I was very much planning on generating LLVM. Secretly the reason I wrote this was so I could dive a lot further into LLVM, as I already have done the flex/bison stuff a few times before, but this part got pretty in depth so I cut the post a little short.

I'm curious how working with compilers and language design works in the job market, though. I see companies like Google and Mozilla making programming languages, but most of that seems like R&D and hard to get into. Do you know how marketable an interest in compilers?

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Harvey Thompson

I look forward to part 2!

As for the job market, I'm not sure that there's a huge specific market for R&D jobs in building compilers. I could be wrong. My actual expertise is fairly varied, but in the past 15 years has been in games development. Know how to build interpreters and compilers is usually indirectly useful; you get to ramp up a little quick when using new languages or compilers. Usually there are occasional opportunities in many companies to apply the techniques or even build languages (eg. integrate Lua or Lisp into a game). Such knowledge rounds out a decent resume.