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I wrote my first program on a Commodore 64 sitting on display in the center of a mall at Christmas time. My mother had left me to wait for her while she went shopping and when she got back there was a small crowd around me and a multicoloured "My name is..." rolling up the screen infinitely. It was the 80s equivalent of "Hello World". A year later they bought me my own Commodore 64 and I began typing games in "BASIC" from a book I bought called something like "38 Games You Can Program Yourself".

When I graduated high school I taught myself dBase IV/Clipper and later learned C/C++ which got me my first gig in telecommunications. That's all there was in Canada in those days. Eventually, I found my way back to my first love - games.


My C-64 programming progress was :

10 PRINT "Hello"
20 GOTO 10

Then to make it fill the whole screen using a trailing ';' :

10 PRINT "Hello ";
20 GOTO 10

Then realised putting the GOTO on the same line made it run much faster :

10 PRINT "Hello "; GOTO 10

It's all been downhill since then.... ;-)


Cool, I had the exact same experience.
That single semi-colon (on a TRS-80) changed my life... 40 years ago.

CS degree, developing Internet applications since Gopher days.

Occasionally get the same ';' feeling with new JavaScript features.

Now take what Uglify creates for me as a starting point,
and make JS code faster and tinier

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