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Discussion on: Linux, the right choice?

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Yevhen Fabizhevskyi

Another point that I would add to Cons column is that it's really difficult to start using any distro of Linux for people who are not really familiar with technical world at all, like old age people or even young people who don't have any experience with PC. Old age people find Windows much simpler because it seems it's more intuitive and user friendly. Also, I remember how much one of my friends was frustrated when he needed to run something in command line with words "why it just doesn't work automatically?" or "why I have to type COMMANDS to do something instead of just clicking the button(s)?" (even when commands are super simple). We can count on wrong distro exactly for this person, or misunderstanding the guidelines/instructions but all these kind of situations are nudging non-technical people to get rid of Linux and forget it as a worst nightmare.