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Discussion on: Why is Linux Not More Popular on the Desktop?

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Fabio Rosado

The reason why Linux isn’t used as much as windows and Mac is mostly due to the way they where created.

I’m old enough to remember when computers where pretty expensive in Portugal and only a few people had computers - mostly running Windows 3.1.

Back then Macs where insanely expensive and only “elite” people would be able to afford a Mac.

Windows became available in schools and libraries and things became cheaper so everyone started to buy a desktop and it came with windows installed.

Back then installing Linux was a real pain/impossible if you didn’t know what you were doing. Forwarding a few years I remember already having internet at home and tried to install Linux on one of my machines but I could never make the internet work and without internet I had no way to figure out how to install internet on my Linux distro haha

The fragmentation of Linux can be an issue as well since most people are afraid to choose the wrong distro - something that doesn’t happen on Windows and Mac.

In my opinion the Mac got even more popular because “kids” like me were able to finally afford this “elite” brand and I’m sure every single one of us where amazed by actually be able to afford one haha

These are my views from Portugal, perhaps it’s different other places