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I killed my TV and spend my time reading, studying, and working on my hobbies. After dinner, I'm studying what I think is awesome. On weekends, I'll commit a good portion of the day to studying. I then try to start a long term project that combines all the skills I want to master and begin to put it to use. Even if it's a single commit, it's progress.


I'm happy to say that I'm rarely able to sit down and enjoy TV when I'm by myself, except for sometimes having something I like on in the background. I still enjoy a good show with company, but in my alone time I actually prefer learning something new or reading for enjoyment. Wasn't always like that.


Hmm that's a good tip, thanks. I currently barely watch any TV. But I can definitely look for other areas/hobbies to make a little leaner.


2 hours on weekdays after work, or 5+ on weekend just building what I think is really cool and fun. Right now I'm studying Elixir and Phoenix. When I'm not doing that, I pick up any freelance work I can get and consider that "study time" as well.


I try to find at least 30 min a day to sharpen. In a thick book, taking notes and doing exercises, that is about 20 pages a day. It's enough to hello world a new hack.
Start "tricking yourself" at first... say, I'll read for 15 minutes... sometimes it's 15 min, sometimes that becomes hours.

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