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Discussion on: Static Site Generators are not for me! My Experience with Jekyll, Hugo and NetlifyCMS

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Farai Gandiya

It's just keeping them organized to begin with. Having to trowel through folders with dozens of posts, tracking all the different links and organizing assets like images. I'm hoping to restructure everything next year to make it somewhat easier or get a CMS to help me out.

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Prashanth Krishnamurthy

I totally understand that. I switched to VSCode a while back.

Using VSCode I can open the entire folder to view and search multiple posts (I use Hugo), have automatic formatting enabled for Markdown and the code within Markdown using Prettier, and also keep running Hugo locally to see how the end-result appears in a browser.

I use external tools to check links.

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GL Holman

Curious to know more about how you set yourself up with vscode and Hugo, if you would care to share. Not much I can find on that especially for setting it up with netlify and netlify CMS through GitHub -― which is really what I would like to achieve.