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Discussion on: do you use linux, windows or macOs on your PC?

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Farid Aditya Author

thank you Austin S. Hemmelgarn
One of the reasons I tried linux is because on my Laptor Windows 10 feels very heavy, even though my laptor i7 + 8GB RAM but does not use SSD. then I installed ubuntu with dual boot with windows, I felt my laptop became very lightweight. The problem came after I did a job that was easy on windows but was very difficult on linux, for example I used to use Eclipse, wamp, github desktop, desktop docker. Maybe it was my mistake to get used to relying on Gui (even when I needed to build my database using mysqlWorkbench to create sql files), so when using the CLI I was a little confused and felt my work was slow.

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Austin S. Hemmelgarn

Yeah, the GUI versus CLI aspect tends to be a big one for people. Once you get used to the CLI though, you'll find it's often faster for a lot of things than the GUI (especially when it comes to software development).