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WWC aims at bridging the gender gap in the field of technology . They have started this mentorship series for the same reason , through this program they give women who are unacquanited but passionate about computer science , a chance to get mentored by some insane mentors who have done extremely well in the field of CS.

This year i had the chance to be a part of this mentorship program as a mentee . We were grouped in a team of 3, headed by a mentor. My mentor was Urvi Goel.

Urvi Goel is a pre-final year Computer Science student at IGDTUW. She was a 2020 summer intern at Microsoft IDC and has a returning offer from the same for 2021 summers.

Before the actual program began we were given a brief about the program and how it works.

Week 1 :
At the beginning of the week we had an intro session , we introduced ourselves , shared about our goals and interests. Since my aim was to get a summer internship i was given a task to gather all the upcoming internship opportunities .

In the middle of the week we had another session “chai session“, it was a very casual meet, we discussed about our doubts , future plans and opportunities.

At the end of the week we had to submit our task , following which we had a week concluding session .

The list of opportunities that i had gathered during my task :

1)Google codejam (feb) : Coding competition conducted by google .
2)Google codejam io for women(feb) : Coding competition conducted by google for women.
3)Adobe codiva (march): Prefinal and final year female students are eligible , there are 2 rounds for this hiring event .
4)Servicenow codediva ( march): Prefinal and final year female students are eligible , the first round is conducted on hackerearth following which a hackathon will be conducted.
5)Google kickstart ( registration starts in feb ): Coding competition conducted by google , it has 8 rounds.
6)Wintathon(nov): Hackathon for all female students in final and prefinal year.
7)Google step internship: For sophomores .
8)Women tech makers program: For freshmen year female students.
9)Microsoft Codess: For female sophomores of selected colleges.
10)Amazewow (april): Any female students are eligible .
11)Adobe she codes: For sophomores and juniors.
12)Goldmansach global mentoring program: For sophomores and juniors of selected universities .

Thanks for reading , will be back next week with another article on week-2 of women who code mentorship series :)

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