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Discussion on: Share Your Best Typo Story!

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Felippe Regazio • Edited

Once i built an app for a church, a "saint of the day" app, you could see the saint responsible for a given date or saints who were born on the same day as you, its history and bio etc. As they were not done with the database yet, i mocked the saints using superheros, so i had the batman's day, the spiderman's day, jean grey's day etc... I was responsible only for the front end, so i finished the app and said to the back end (a friend of mine): "dont forget to change the date when updating the homolog". I should have said "don't forget to change the database". I didnt checked his answer.

The next day i corrected the message and we updated the database. When we delivered the final version, the customer - who was also a priest - said (in a good mood) that he had seen the version with super heroes on a day that he couldn't sleep due to the anxiety of finishing this application and ended up laughing and fatally going to sleep in a better mood.