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Commonly people think like this:

  • A good structure is a must-have
  • A good design/eye-candy is a plus

Because bad structures sometimes break things in a way that they simply dont work anymore, which makes good structures seems like the normal, because for many people its a matter of " this is working" or "this is not working".

While a bad design can exist, a bad design still "works" without a crisis, making the good designs shine as a "better" not "normal" thing, it seems like a plus. So its not a question of "work" and not "work", but "working" and "working better" for design in general.

Of course that same gradient between the good, the bad and the ugly also exists on the back end and ops, but requires extra knowledge to see, its not intuitive. Maybe your boss thinks that your job is just normal, its just how it is, is "working". Those things happens because the devops is a very unfair role: its fucking helpful, can help and save tons of time and money, but its also obscure to many people see its importance until they lost/need it, and for many people its just a fancy name for a hyped sys admin. A tip: keep working hard and focus on be better than yourself everyday, in a way that this will turn your role clear enought to people say UOW.

Ive been in your position, or i think so: i builded a custom deployer to a product, changing the update flow, saving time and money and avoiding error incidence, but at the end, its about the front and experience that your manager will be talking with the customers, and thats ok. Sometimes also take a time for us to learn about our managers limitations and modus op. and thats also a great exercise: try to understand your manager, give him a feed back on your head, with respect and honesty. Answer to yourself: why is this happening? Sometimes it takes a while to answer this question, but that should be ok, cuz you will be in moviment.

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