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4 years of taking online education taught me this (first year) Pt1

Online courses are everywhere, and every day there are more.
This is not going anywhere, and don't expect that it would slow down.

In a series of articles, I will explain my approach to online education.

This is written in a personal way, maybe you can relate. It wasn't always perfect, I was really slow and the start.

So this was the first year.

In my first year, I discover online courses, but I didn’t see it as a way that can help me at the time.

I would only say to myself, this looks good but I don’t feel pressured to finish it, maybe someday, like when I am looking for a job I will have better reasons

As you may know, my way of thinking was not very mature, and it wasn’t because I was at school with so many hours and for me, it was not a big deal to finish.

The topics that interested me at the time were mainly programming and business. I enroll in 3 free udemy courses and paid for 3. I remember that I just completed 2 but because it was 2 hours or less, so no big deal.

As you may know, some Udemy Courses can get through 30 hours of content, and this makes it hard to finish. At the time I thought that more content meant that the course was better, but obviously, I was mistaken.

Finally, it is important to say that I just took courses from Spanish speakers instructors so as you may think, the offer was not very high back then.

This series will continue.

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