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My thoughts on working and studying full time

Some time ago I was at an online university class, and i got lost on my mind if when i graduated i will have enough experience for a first job.

I know internships and entry level jobs exist, but I dont't want to wait after i finished college to make it.

Right now i decide that i will go through some interviews to get a first job. A first formal job not freelancing or internships. I have searched in different companies and i am wonder if i meet all the requirements. In the immense majority of jobs description that are listed, business want people with 3-5 years of experience on similar jobs.

After job searching I know I don’t have enough experience, also project, research are not enough. Also, a full-time job in Panama are 8 hours a day, my university classes are 5 hours. The time is not enough.

Right now i am on my 4th year of 5 years, which also means that the time I begin classes will be different, it varies every semester. For example, on my 3rd year we were always in the morning.

But, based on my research, there’s a high chance that my classes begin at 4 pm or 5 pm (at best). Which let me work from 8am to 3pm. And if classes and work are remote (which there is a high chance that there will be) i can save on commute and make it all the work in my home.

What’s the catch? No time (1 hour between work and study) and i will be with full classes (6 classes per semester), so things can get messy in bad times.

There’s always hope

After these years i have been doing it pretty good with my classes, i got good grades this last 2 years. I have a high gpa and i have been praised for my very good work as an individual either as a team member.

Also i have make improvements on my productivity and my life in general. So i know i could handle at make my best at these opportunities. Things always seem bad at first, but then i find a way

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