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These were my favorite apps of 2021

This is not some kind of paid promotion. Just that sometimes are curious about what other people use in a daily basis.

When I ask, I get different responses and is cool to have this variety.

So I present my favorite apps/software of the last year

My favorite apps


A sleep and meditation app, has a ton of meditation exercises and calm music. Really an amazing app , i wish it has a better web app but for now it’s ok.


This password manager is really useful. By now it makes all that it needs to do. Also it has VPN, and a dark web email analyzer. It is a really great password manager.


It is a time tracker useful when working on different projects and clients. For me i use it to know how many time i spent on different topics.


Another time tracker, this really blows my mind. It can track without specifying some task. When i open my PC it begins to track, really useful.

OS: Ubuntu

This was the year i began to use linux. Ubuntu has make things easier in development, although i had audio related issues, and the os freeze sometimes.

Let's connnect

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