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Discussion on: Unclutter your computer with a clean install

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Nice to read post.
I am a programmer, but also I am a consolided technician. I give technical support for many of my customers. I often find myself diagnosing, repairing, upgrading or even building a computer. I enjoy that feeling of 'new PC' when you perform a fresh install of your operating system. Things go fast again and, as you described, you end up with a much more nice, clean and fast environment.
Time is a great teacher, and I've learned to make a full disk image before proceed. That warantees me that I can go back to zero at any time.
Backups are important and people seem to not realize how important they are... until disaster occurs.
Thanks for sharing.

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Yoric Author

Being skillful from hardware to software is a great asset !
I never do a disk image of my whole computer before formatting it (because I like to filter manually what I want to save) but it's a good reflex to have, and it's most useful when working for clients.

Yes, backups are definitely important. I prefer to spend 50$ or 80$ on a USB drive and have peace of mind, rather than risking to lose everything.