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re: Came from the newsletter. Isn't archiving just putting the trash/clutter somewhere else from in front your eyes? I never grasped the theory of arc...

Hi! Interesting point, which allows me to clarify something — the archives are not just another trash.

As I wrote in the post, if an email is not important, you should delete it. If it has any importance, you should archive it once dealt with.

The key ideas is to use the archive as a place to keep email that's been dealt with but you may need to refer to in the future. Not keeping it in the inbox allows you to use the latter in a "todo list" fashion — which is a workflow I personally enjoy very much.

I suppose labels/folders/categories is an extra way of classifying important email — and you're absolutely right to use them if they help you making the act of finding older important email easier. :-)

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