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Hello! I work for a fortune 50 company and a lead developer for the cloud team. We have had a few interns and converted from interns recently. The things my team looks for are knowledge of agile methodology (not experience, just understanding), javascript (debugging, dom structure, and callbacks on top of building blocks), css (bootstrap, flex box, less, scss),npm html, responsive web building and testing is a given. Any experience in js frameworks are a plus. So is any experience in writing test scripts/test driven development. Any experience with cd/ci is huge. Might be a little much, but its what we look for :)


What seems notable for its absence is any mention of front end frameworks like react or ember. Are you looking more for vanilla JS?


So not necessarily vanilla javascript itself, but when you know vanilla javascript itself, you are in a better place starting something like angular or reactjs. If that makes sense. We still code vanilla js, but those concepts apply to the frameworks.

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