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re: What I Learnt After Being Disconnected For 10 Days VIEW POST


Being off of the Internet does have its upsides. We have the choice to disconnect ourselves from the Internet, but that choice does not seem to be taken at will.

I get my Internet connectivity from my phone as well. One summer, I messed with my phone to then get it stuck bootlooping, and the only solution was to download a stock image and install it onto the phone. During the time that I had to wait for my friends to have a get-together at their house where they have Wi-Fi, me and my nephew agreed that it felt pretty nice to be disconnected. We still played video games together, watched TV, and other activities around the house, but we did just fine with no Internet connection.

In that circumstance, it was being off the grid by force rather than by choice. But it was still a good time. I would personally do it again if I weren't so dependent on being online at the moment. ^^;

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