re: What's the best or worst recruitment line you have heard? VIEW POST


The Worst

Any of the messages that:

  • require me to email back with my resume to get the job description
  • request my email...even though it is on every profile in addition to my website (via LinkedIn)
  • require me to relocate...even though my website explicitly states above the fold that I will not relocate
  • recommend me for any positions that I do not have anything to do with (e.g. manager for a medical office, senior java software engineer, any I.T. position)
  • request that I forward the message to anyone I know with the chance of getting some reward if the person is placed

The Best

The best recruiter I have ever interacted with was humble, energetic, and honest. There were no frills or faking in our interactions. If he didn't know something, he asked questions, including where to learn more. Everything was about getting me in the door. I got the job, and he's since received a promotion to a managerial position. 👏

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