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re: Oh that's a really good point! I'll check that out.

So I added a few new tests:

  1. String.match() *
  2. RegExp.exec()
  3. RegExp.exec() *

*The RegExp instance is declared outside the test loop.

I'm seeing that #1 is significantly faster than the String.match() test where the regular expression is provided inline. The difference seems to be (very roughly) in the magnitude of ‭4,769,893‬ ops/sec.

The difference between #2 and #3 is significantly smaller and in favor of the inline test. The (very) rough difference seems to be around ‭121,562‬ ops/sec.

So, perhaps the String.match() method has some optimizations for handling inline regular expressions that aren't bogged down by the usage of an explicit RegExp instance.

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