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Discussion on: How to apply your coding skills to turn yourself into a self-made millionaire

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Forest Hoffman • Edited

Deciding on a project to build is completely subjective. What may be an impassioned and worthwhile endeavor for one developer, will probably not be for another. My suggestion is to start by asking yourself what you like.

  • Are there any aspects of software that you're particularly interested in?
  • Do you see a deficiency in any of those areas?
  • How would you provide a solution to those deficiencies?
  • Conversely, how would you expand upon their stronger aspects?
  • Would you personally find such a solution beneficial or desirable (if it were made by someone else)?

The reason I'm working on my primary side-project now is, I realized that I didn't have any tangible proof of my experience with web APIs. I decided to fix that. So, I considered all the services that I consume that have APIs and which I would enjoy working with.

I watch a good deal of content on and perceived a deficiency in a specific area of the ecosystem. Therefore, I'm now working on a project that consumes the Twitch API and having a blast while doing it. So much so, that if it flops, I won't be concerned, because I'll have proof that I can produce such a product.

I found a thing I like (Twitch), I decided on a general objective (make a thing, using Twitch), and set about working towards it.

I hope that helps. :)

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Mahbub R

That is an awesome thought! Thanks for sharing

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Stefanni Brasil Author

Yes, have you get a chance to see Indie Hackers? There are a lot of resources about this subject, you're not alone!

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Mahbub R

You mentioned that in your article, I had a look and I thought this isn't useful. I didn't find anything good there, why is that?