Just launched our first product called FelloWage πŸŽ‰

Ilona Codes on December 16, 2019

Often people feel certain anxiety when thinking about the salary and only guessing what their colleagues might be earning. This issue is especiall... [Read Full]
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As far as I know, Glassdoor shows only averages and statistical distributions and doesn’t show separate salary entries. It doesn’t satisfy the questions and fears that I have set out to solve, such as: β€œWho should I look up to in my company to earn more?” or β€œHow up-to-date are specific salary entries?” FelloWage doesn’t answer the first question yet, but it will in the future via a peer-to-peer sharing feature that I’m planning in the next version.


Glassdoor does show a lot of info including a range of the salary and even split into stock options, cash bonuses, etc. It shows different salaries by job function, years of experience and even location.

But I did sign up on the platform :) Looks like you're having a manual process of vetting everyone on the platform?

Manually, yes. But it's not vetting users; it's verifying the data quality.


Good luck! Sent one ProductHunt upvote your way.


Thank you very much, Ben! πŸ™ I appreciate your support!

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