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Discussion on: JS Coding Question #9: Get Max Character In A String [Challenging]

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Let's Code Author • Edited on

thank you for this solution! Learned something today. I took your example and translate it to more readable form.

function getMaxChar(str){
  let max = 0
  let maxChar = ''
  const normalizedString = str.toLowerCase().replace(/[^a-z']/g, "")

    .forEach(char => {
      if (normalizedString.split(char).length > max) {
          max = normalizedString.split(char).length;
          maxChar = char;

  return maxChar;
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Yeah sorry, I already had the main part of the function as part of a code snippets library and it is partially minimised due to a mistake I made...I have about 100 snippets that aren't very readable like that!

I have copied the normalisedString.split() etc. part back into my code snippets library so it is readable again, so thanks for that 😀

Maybe I will finally get around to fixing them all as they do come in handy and it just laziness stopping me fixing them!

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Let's Code Author

LOL dude, nothing to apologize from. You actually improved my solution helping out myself and other folks who will read this post. So thank you and I am glad that you came in and share that snippet. 👍

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