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re: Thanks for the kind words; all the best with your bot!

Bot up and running on azure as well. The twitter profile is I'll wrap it up tomorrow and put the code on GitHub. This stuff is fun!

One thing to note is that checking the extended_url didn't worked for me. Sometimes the twitter api handles me a link instead of a link. Any ideas on why?

Do you mean the expanded_url in tweet.entities.urls? I didn't have this problem 🤔. If you get stuck feel free to put your code on GitHub and I'm happy to take a look!

@frontendwizard Just saw your React bot - it looks great! Especially like how you turned the tags into Twitter hashtags. Great work.

Thanks. Yeah, I mean the tweet.entities.urls. For some posts it does not return the url but instead returns a link to the own link. I ended up fetching the tweets on extended mode and checking the title + author on the full_text. Not great but, it works.

I found the problem. You have to ask for the tweets with tweet_mode: "extended" on the statuses/user_timeline endpoint, otherwise you don't always get the posted url. Might be a quirk of the twitter API, I'm not sure about it. Was writing about this when I finally understood the behavior. That's why writing about what you're doing is so important! 😄

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