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Discussion on: Fantastic Microservice and the Sorcerer's Circuit Breaker

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Fuji • Edited on

yeah, so the counter is resetting (starting to monitor) after every success call as I started counting after the first failure? but then after 3 consecutive fails and then 1 success call will again reset the state -_- or the concept is I just monitor (without resetting) consecutive 10 requests then reset and again monitor 10 consecutive requests and again?
and as you said when after failing over 50% request handling (the first 149 was good then consecutive 6 fails) during the cool down period or half-open state, is the server serving that capable 149 requests and not making another call (hold) within short time or it is now not handling any requests? (um confused here) as from our trivial knowledge we know circuit breaker as breaking the full circuit while overload but here we can code to serve the capable 149 request and hold for any new requst (cool down)?
Thanx a lot for the reply <3