What a11y tools do you use to audit a website?

Franco Valdes on August 28, 2019

Working on a cool a11y tool but would like to know what others are using, what features are they benefiting from and what features do they wish tho... [Read Full]
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Hi Franco, have you happened upon the ANDI bookmarklet that the Social Security Admin (SSA) has put together?

This has probably been one of the most useful tools I've come across in my a11y work, it breaks a page down by its focusable items (including tab order), graphics/image, links, color contrast, etc.

My favorite feature is the ANDI output which will show you what a user of a screen reader should hear. This is super helpful if you are either auditing other folks sites, or if you're wanting to ensure what you're building is exposing the correct information to assistive tech (AT).


Thanks for the reply! ANDI looks awesome and I will take a closer look into it this week. See if I can find any learnings or cool features I can apply to my A11y app.

Thanks again!


Thank you Suzanne! Learned a few things from your post which was awesome. Glad to see that Axe and Wave are kind of industry standard when it comes to a11y. The tool I am building leverages the open source Axe NPM package, Electron to create a native application and Ionic / React for the UI. Think Postman or Insomnia but for a11y. More to come soon!


Ooh sounds very intriguing! I'll keep an eye out for updates for sure!


Looking forward to seeing/hearing more about what you're working on!

I wrote a bit about what I use over at Up Your A11y: Top Tools for Developing with Accessibility in Mind

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