Scan your PHP project for CVEs

gabeguz profile image Gabriel Guzman ・1 min read

I recently found this really nice tool for scanning a project's dependancies for security issues: https://security.sensiolabs.org/. You'll need to be using https://getcomposer.org/ to take advantage of it, but if you are then it's as easy as downloading the tool and running it against your composer.lock file like so:

$ php security-checker security:check /path/to/composer.lock

If there are any issues with any of the libraries you are using, you'll get a nice message telling you what the problem is and what CVE's if any impact those libraries. I've hooked this into CI for my team, so we can be sure we're not shipping code with known security holes.


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Didn't know about it until now. I will keep this in mind for our build server, too.

Thanks Gabriel for sharing!


There is also Roave Security Advisories that can be required in composer.json ;)