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Free AbleBit Apps for Microsoft Excel

These Microsoft Excel apps from are extremely beneficial.

Excel Apps from AbleBits

Trim Spaces

Extra spaces can creep in when you get data from different sources. These extra spaces might prevent you from sorting, processing data, making calculations or creating charts. You can clear the cells of leading, trailing, or other excess spaces by following a few simple steps.

Random Generator

The Random Generator app for Excel populates the selected cells with random integers, reals, and dates.

Random Sorter

This randomizing app for Excel 2013 lets you shuffle entire rows and columns without losing data integrity. You can also mix cells within rows or columns, or put all selected cells at random. When you need to put names in random order or mix sequential numbers, this app makes your choice unbiased.

Remove Unwanted Characters

Remove Unwanted Characters app goes through the selected Excel range and takes out all impeding characters according to your settings. You can clean your table of all non-printing characters and line breaks. Easily delete special mathematical, currency and letter-like symbols, punctuation marks, and any custom character you enter.

Change Case

If you get Excel tables from different sources, your data are likely to be discordant. You can run the Change Case app to make all cells look right at once; upper, lower, proper-case and first letter in each cell.

Merge Cells

This simple yet powerful app allows you to merge the contents of the cells in your Excel 2013 table any way you like. Feel free to combine values in each row, column, or bring all values in the range together. You can enter a delimiter for the merged values and choose where you want to have the results.

Range Calculations

The Range Calculation app comes in very handy when you need to recalculate numbers in many cells. Ranges and tables of prices are easy to handle: divide, multiply, add and calculate percentage in the entire range by clicking the "Calculate" button.

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