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I am Open-sourcing My Startup Idea

yeah, you heard it right.. i am open-sourcing my startup idea. before explaining why let me tell you what is the idea.

As a developer, we all know how hard is it to learn a technology or programming language and become proficient in it. There are lots of resources and tutorials available to learn the programming language or technology.

But, I felt something is still missing in that part. Let me tell you about my experience on learning technology. for the past one and a half year, I have been working as an angular developer. Recently, I joined a new company. There, I have to work on ReactJS(A Switch which I wanted). So, I have to learn ReactJS. I didn't have any Idea about React before. I Accepted it because I wanted to work on ReactJS(Why wanted to Switch from Angular To React, that's a different topic. we can fight about it in another debate:-)

So, I Started to Learn React through lots of tutorials and different resources. Once I get a good grasp of it. I just created a site on my own.

Then I thought, okay most of the time. it's going to be similar like that and follows a similar pattern. I was excited and confident that I can work on React pretty easily. Everything is going to be what I learned in online tutorial and resources.

After joining the job, I was wrong. whatever I practiced and learned from online resources are just to understand the syntax of particular programming's like reading the docs and trying it out on our own.

There is something that is more than just building a Todo-List,Calculator App and a Snake Game.

That is Business Problem Scenario. Once I started to work on a Production Application. I was able to understand why I do that, why it matters. My previous Angular Experience helped me a lot to understand the Business Problem and My Personal Projects on React(Learning the Syntax) helped me to Solve the Business Scenario using React.

From this experience, I just thought why can't I learn this production problem scenarios in a tutorial or resources. what am I missing?.

Why can't we have a platform like leetcode,TopCoder for solving just a business problem scenarios which helps me to learn and put it in my portfolio. I am still thinking about that(why).

To start an initiative to address this problem. I have consolidated all the business problem scenario in a GitHub Repo.(Feel free to use and star it)

you can create a platform like Leetcode,TopCoder which helps the developer to solve this problem statement(Startup Idea).

Let's Help the developers like us to learn technology by solving a business problem scenario which will help them to land on their dream job.

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Great one Ganesh.

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Feel free to star it.. it will be helpful

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Raghavan alias Saravanan Muthu

A great idea Ganesh. Appreciate the spirits. Just ensure that you don't reveal the sensitive info of the project/client as that might be a reputational loss/issue.

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Thank you..i have planned to share the technical aspect of the business problems. it can have different dimensions. Mostly, we can find the technical aspects by reverse engineering.Intention is to share the knowledge. :-)