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In Zen Buddhism we have something called “beginners mind.” You must always keep a beginners mind.

There’s a parable I love...I’ll update it for the context.

A coding expert goes to a coding guru to learn more about development. He says “I’m an expert in web development. I’ve been doing it for a decade. But you’re so much better. I want to learn from you.” And so the guru says “Of course. Sit down and let’s start with a cup of coffee.”

He pulls out a couple mugs and heats up the water, brews the coffee, and starts pouring a cup of coffee for his new student.

The mug fills up and he keeps pouring. Coffee is spilling everywhere.

The expert’s like “Dude what are you doing? You’re spilling coffee everywhere. Stop pouring.”

The guru says “You are like this mug. You are so full that I can not put any more knowledge into you. You must go empty your mug and then come back to me.”

Hope that helps.

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