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Hello devs !

I'm really happy to finally find the time to really becoming part of this community, after being passive here for a while.

I'm a professional dev for only a year now, and I must admit that I never really tried to code before taking back my studies at 30, two years ago. So I'm a total beginner :) .

I'm from Nantes, in France and I work in php, with Symfony. I try to have a little fun with Python on the side but between my job and my three children I must admit that it's going on pretty slowly... but I'm not in a hurry.

As for the non-dev stuffs I'm a huge Science Fiction lover, so I spend a lot of my free time to read, watch movies and play video games... I'm sure it's very unusual here. ;)

Have a nice day everyone, I'm looking forward to learn a lot of things here, and to help a few of you if I can !


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