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Discussion on: DynamoDB for our Kotlin Lambda function

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Gaute Meek Olsen Author

Hi, I agree that the documentation is confusing. That's a part I wish the AWS would improve.

So the bom package is for managing the versions of other AWS packages for us. As you see I don't need to specify the version for the dynamodb package. But I guess it's actually not beneficial until several AWS packages are used in the project.

You should be able to do something like this instead if you like (haven't tested it):

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John Darryl Pelingo

Hello again!
Thanks for the reply! I think I figured it out after trying out stuff on my own. It's as you said and before that (1.x), people would have to install the dependencies one by one with their version. But now it's all "unified" under one version. So updating the AWS dependencies is not a huge pain, I guess.

It was a bit hard to navigate around the dependency management system of Java at the beginning as someone coming from yarn/npm install.