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Discussion on: Reasons why I switched to Linux. Full time!

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Gautham Prakash Author • Edited on

It's the way the society is built. That they can't leave without it. By the way I didn't meant putty as such rather all the other services like GCP,HEROKU and everything. You have a point though. But in the start of the article I wrote why it's best for people in the tech domain.

I'm no R programming expert, but just try to run a R script with 10000 print statements in Windows and the same thing in Linux and let me know.

Thanks for you comments

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Mahesh K • Edited on

I already have run R and other data science tools on Linux. In fact I am one of the Ubuntu nerds you may find me in comment section. Why ubuntu? Because I find it easy to train Clients to use it compared to say KaliLinux or ArchLinux to a slow Windows user who asks me how to press Print button on New version of Office 2019.

I am in no way anti-linux camp. It's just that lately I have been seeing the "anti windows" articles and the toning has been such that Microsoft is out to get you. That dinosaur age is long gone, Bill gates is retired, all the aged Tech giants who were strong capitalists have been put down by the Communists in tech. Windows has made ammends with Linux and UNIX and hence the WSL birth. The toxic vibe from the Linux to Windows needs to low down is what I feel. That's why I feel the migration from Windows towards Linux should be done on case by case basis and not to put every tom.dick and harry to Linux who will literally struggle in some cases.

My 2 cents.

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Gautham Prakash Author

Hmmm... in some way that is the true. I agree.