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Discussion on: The Shoppies: My Project Submission for Shopify’s Front-End Internship

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Gedalya Krycer Author • Edited on

Thank you so very much!! :) I had so much fun getting to design and build it.

I didn’t move forward to the next round. There wasn’t any specific feedback on why, but I’m sure they had many many submissions to go through.

However it was totally worth building for
the knowledge gained. And not long after that I landed a full time job at an amazing company that I deeply admire.

Kind of greatful it didn’t work out with Shopify, because I wouldn’t have gone for this other role if it did.

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Cristian Fernandez

That's surprising to hear man, it is a simple but beautiful project. Definitely deserved to pass imo.

But that's even better to hear! I'm glad everything worked out for you in the end. I came across your page because I am going to try and to the challenge, so sorry if it was a bit random. Good luck with your career brother!

btw another question, I see you used React. What library did you use for those dope animations? (if you forgot no worries, I'll just look at the repo lol)

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Gedalya Krycer Author • Edited on

Thank you for the well wishes!

And that is great you are going for it. Best of luck! Have lots of fun with it. :)

The animations were all regular css keyframe (I believe).

However, I think I used to generate the base code and then tweaked it from there.

Also I pretty sure I used similar techniques in this post to get the lists to stagger in.

Hope that helps.